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How can I help?
By posting scammer emails that you receive, but more importantly tell others about us, we will only be useful with lots of users. So Like us on facebook and tell as many people as you can. When you sell something, add the following to the bottom of your posting:

All public suspicious emails/users check against <a href="">RU Scammer</a>
Even though english is my only language I know, well I do know java, C, php and a few others, I am not great at english. If things are not worded correctly can you leave feedback helping me. (-;

What does RU Scammer do with the information
We keep it public for anyone to make educated decisions about whom they do business with online.  We do not verify the accuracy of the emails.  We rely on you, the Internet Community, to report suspicious emails accurately and honestly.  Any email addresses we receive are displayed for people to feed their inner skeptic.

What email should I enter
If you are suspicious about an email you receive, do a search on our website to see if the email address has been reported before.  If it has, you can use this information and report where you received the email from.

How to tell if a email is suspicious?
This will change on a daily basis. Suppose you post a item for sale on Craigslist, when a scammer replies wtih a reponse as simple as "Is it still available?". And you respond with "Yes", you have given them your real email address and now they will sell it to spammers, and they might send send you a response again saying to ship it and they will send payment. By looking at the email you might be able to determine, if it comes from free email server, such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail, contains lots of number numbers in the address and contains a different reply-to address than the from address.

How to tell if a user is suspicious?
This will also change on a daily basis. Besides email address you can also enter usernames such as those from ebay. Scammers will register for a new ebay account, and than bid and win, lets say your $1000 camera you are selling. They will pay via paypal and everything will look fine at first. Than they will say it not as reported and ebay will require them to send it back. But they send back a box that weights the same as the camera but does not contain the camera. Paypal will return the money and you are out both your $1000 camera and the money.

What if my email address ends up on RU Scammer?
Since we don’t have any way of verifying that an email address is truly engaged in a scam, we don’t delete anything we receive.  We don’t consider appeals to delete them.  Emails that appear on our site will remain here forever.